Kristen Stewart, overweight by Robert Pattinson?

The actress has appeared in several very unwell photos by preparing for his next film

Kristen Stewart does not seem to be at their bestmoment. The actress who wowed half the world with movies of the Twilight saga has fallen into a spiral of information that desapuntalan its image and it seems to have caused a change. The US continues to maintain projects as before, but the break with Robert Pattinson and the perception of other girls around her ex could have done a dent in the figure. That’s at least what the latest photographs hint at .

Apparently a fan, he met actress in a music store. There Kristen Stewart was watching guitars with a completely different body usually look. The girl seems to have caught some kilillos more, which , coupled with apathy, seems to have stopped in the wrong place and have to use creme lift x do brasil to lose weight. We do not know if this is a new measure towards their nextprojectsfilm or if Kristen Stewart has drowned in food sadness caused by the breakdown of his relationship with the handsome Hollywood, Robert Pattinson .

In any event, the actress remains one of the womencinematrográfico considered the best US panorama.Kristen Stewart not to record and his complexion, his youth and good work before the camera make it a real diamond that fills theaters. Even his reputation for ‘bad’ hung by the understandablefansof Robert Pattinson seems to have sunk his public image in Hollywood gossip. The star is still shining.

A year of heartbreak

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are history. A majoramoresHollywood has seen these days celebrates the first anniversary of the event that triggered the breakup of the famous couple. Just this month is celebrated the first year since some photographs that were published Kristen Stewartappeared in loving attitude with the director of the film who was filming at the time, ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’.

Were hard times for both, with continuing reports that spoke of parallel relationships on both sides and with great disappointment for fans of the movie. Kristen Stewart finished the film and tried to cope withthe attack of the press with dignity, but unfortunately no could avoid it seen by the public as the bad guy.Robert Pattinson meanwhile tried to continue his film career to forget the sentimental failure. Although both fought to continue the relationship was impossible and the conflict erupted.

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