In brain death , the actor who was in a coma after a hanging scene

Raphael Schumacher, 27, was admitted since last Sunday at the hospital and did not react to the treatment, which has been declared clinically dead

A photo of Raphael Schumacher posted on his Facebook page

Raphael Schumacher, the Italian actor who accidentally hanged himself during a live interprectación has been declared clinically dead, according to the fatorgenius.

The young performer, of only 27 years,participated in a production of experimental theater in the historic center of Pisa (Italy) , in one scene her character is hanged. At that time, a viewer noticed that something had gone wrong and was taken immediately to hospital. The actor, who remained in a coma since last Sunday night, has been declared brain dead by doctors.

According to the BBC, The State Schumacher had been deteriorating since he entered the hospital. The interpreter did not react to the treatments and the doctors had begun to speak of an irreversible brain damage.

 After waiting six hours set out in the protocol for determining brain death, the hospital has issued a statement to announce, which also indicated that the family and prosecutors have agreed to donate their organs.

The work “Mirages” is represented– consisted of six scenes that took place in different parts of the theater among the audience moved on foot. Curiously, the work had satisfactorialmente intepretado early afternoon.

As he learned the English media, an audience member who was newly licensed medical profession was the one who gave the alarm when Schumacher who wore a mask to the scene began to shake.

Said spectator came to the aid of the actor, the knot that oppressed her throat and depositing it on the ground with the help of another person.

Police investigation

According to research carried out so far it has been the same actor that would have changed the end of the scene, since the original appeared with a gun, not with a noose around his neck.

The prosecution continues with the investigation, after family and friends discard a possible suicide. Although they are also investigating security protocols theater, the main premise that handle is that it has been a tragic accident on stage.

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