ROBERT PATTINSON AND FKA TWIGS: Instagram settlement with Hatern

Since then she’s with Robert Pattinson to FKA hostility from the online community has to put twigs repeatedly. Many remarks go far below the belt. Now the musician responds with a clear statement on the hate speech.

As friend of Robert Pattinson, FKA should twigs  to take a difficult legacy. For four years, the Briton had previously been in a relationship with “Twilight” star Kristen Stewart (25) before 2013 was followed by the dramatic separation. For fans, the end of a dream partnership, that was actually meant for eternity. As the successor of kstew FKA twigs was never really accepted – on the contrary. With insults followers of Robert Pattinson of “Two Weeks” -Interpretin tried to make it clear that it was not the right thing for the actor. or even provoke intimidating but not can FKA twigs from poisonous messages – to hate she did not respond with hate.

“I woke up and thought to myself: The love that I carry within me will never end, the resources are never just be” FKA twigs begins her statement on Yesgram. “I have a lot of love and it is limitless, even when I’m tired and I can not.” The girlfriend of Robert Pattinson is even clearer: “You love me and I love you, you hate me and I love you, I really do.” Although FKA twigs have also moments when they feel anger, resentment, and perhaps hatred still outweighs end their positive energy. “I’m not saying that I do not have my dark side and I then feel worn out. Like everyone else can I be misguided. But I know I am blessed with infinite love, no matter how much I make of it.”

Obviously, the 28-year-old seems to have undergone a complete change of mind in just one year. Yet 2014 was the dearest of Robert Pattinson the “The Wild” magazine interview, in which the tenor was quite different. It said: “I have reached a point in my life, where people who are not good and do not give me a good feeling to fuck off.”

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