The 10 best films of Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson is one of the ‘players in fashion’, after his participation in twilight many producers hired him to excellent productions, here the top 10, watch these movies on xmovies8.

10-Amanecer – part 2 -(2012)

The end of the saga was so powerful as everyone expected, however dawn is in tenth place in the list because it is only a movie highly valued by a limited group of fans.

9- The Girl On The Train.


Read the girl on the train pdf here.


8-Twilight: new moon -(2009)

The second installment of the twilight saga also was very acclaimed, this is about the depression of Bella (Kristen Stewart)) following the abandonment of Edward (Robert Pattinson), who subsequently starts an intense friendship with Jacob (Taylor Lautner). You can watch series of Twilight and New moon at for the best quality.


7-water for elephants -Water for Elephants (2011)

Based on the eponymous novel by Sara Gruen, water for elephants is a film tells the forbidden love between a veterinary medicine student and an star circus, all this embellished by the wonderful stories that are sucitan within the circus.


6-Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire -Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005)

Although at the time of be made Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire Robert Pattinson was not well known he managed to highlight and reflect Cedric Diggori such as JK Rowling describes it in the book. Unfortunately his participation in the series sees after due to the death of his character.


5-Cosmopolis -(2012)

Cosmopolis is a film based on the homonymous work of Don DeLillo, this is about a young and eccentric billionaire who falls into the path of self-destruction because various ‘problems’ that alter your ‘day by day’.


4-bel Ami -(2012)

Based on the classic novel by Guy de Maupassant, Bel Ami shows us the story of Georges Duroy, a young dreamer and seductive which makes all kinds of atrocities to get what you want.


3-Twilight (2008)

Twilight is without a doubt the saga that brought the career of Robert Pattinson at the level that is now, so that the first film in the saga is in third place in the list.


2. Little Ashes (2008)

Little Ashes is in my opinion one of the most successful films of Robert Pattinson, this age is University of Salvador Dalí, Federico García Lorca and Luis Buñuel, when began the development of his artistic talents. The title of the film is due to a cuadeo of Salvador Dalí, Cenicitas, which is currently at the Reina Sofía Museum.


1.Remember Me (2010)

Remember Me is a romantic film that talks about the life of Tyler Hawkins, a young rebel in New York after meeting Ally Creig starting to feel things that he believed lost, although not all will happiness during the film they have to endure all kinds of adversity.

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